106/23  PRESENT:  A.Woodall (Chair), S.Turner(Vice Chair), R.Elvidge, Ms L.Fawcett,  K.Brown, A.Raymond, K.Brown &  Ward Councillors; Councillor R.Meredith, T.Gill  

107/23  APOLOGIES:  Councillor N.Armstrong,  Ward Councillor Mrs C.Gill.

108/23  OPEN FORUM  –  No members of the public present.

109/23   DECLARATION OF INTEREST   –   Councillor R Elvidge declared a Personal Interest in Agenda Item 7.2b (RWE Renewables). Councillor A.Woodall, K.Brown & A.Raymond declared person interests in Agenda Item 10. National Grid (Consultation Document).

110/23  MINUTES

RESOLVED:   Minutes of the meeting held 14th June 2023, were then approved as a true & correct record.


The Clerk reported the theft of the sit and ride lawn mower from the small container,  and sports therapy bench from the Changing Rooms.

RESOLVED – Due to the level of wear and tear of the equipment it was agreed that a claim on the insurance would not be made. The clerk will contact the insurance company to remove one mower from the insurance schedule.


Issues raised regarding the Playing Fields & agree actions:

  • Storage Doors – RESOLVED Plasticol coating to the storage doors approved £306.00
  • Springer (Play Equipment) – 1st Quotation received, Streetscape, waiting for two further quotes.
  • Cleaning of Little Weighton changing rooms – Complete. Photos of the changing rooms were circulated to the Council. A Thank you letter will be sent to Laura Hall for such an excellent job. Agreed that the photo’s would be put up on the inside wall of the changing rooms with a notice to advise that they should be left clean and tidy.
  • Review of work at the Changing Rooms – A list of works was presented by the Handyman for consideration by the Council. RESOLVED – That a breakdown of costs would be provided to enable priority to the exterior part of the building initially.
  • Soil (Football Goal Mouths)  – RESOLVED 2 x Bulk bags to be ordered at a nett cost of £67.17.

113/23 PLANNING  


23/01725/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to rear of dwelling at Scotia, 39 New Village Road, Little Weighton.


21                                                     Chair____

            RESOLVED – Recommended that this application is approved.


  1. 23/00846/STVAR  – Variation of Condition 3 (approved plans) of planning permission 21/02335/STPLF – Construction of a 49.9MW Solar Farm, underground cabling, 18 inverter substations, installation of perimeter fencing (up to 2.5m high) with access gates and 176 CCTV cameras/infra-red lighting on steel poles (up to 3.5m high steel poles) and 2 temporary construction compounds; construction of a grid compound consisting of substations, control rooms, transformers, cabling and fencing; construction of a storage compound consisting of 24 battery storage containers, 24 PCS units and 2.5m high perimeter fencing and associated grid infrastructure and associated works to allow for minor design changes to battery layout to reflect a more efficient and optimised design for construction At Land South of Creyke Beck Substation 4875 Park Lane, Cottingham.  (Albanwise Synergy) Granted
  • RWE Renewables

                  Councillors visited the proposed locations for the Dogger Bank South     

                  substations. Feedback to be sent to RWE.

Zone 4 Substation

The proposed substation in Zone 4 (Bentley) is situated in a rural Hamlet and within Rowley Parish. The Parish Council unanimously support the residents and strongly object to a substation being built in this location. This will have a significant and detrimental impact on the residents of Bentley, there will also be harm to the visual amenity in an area of high landscape value. The sheer amount of land required for this project will have a sizeable impact on local farmers.

Cable Corridor

2 Landfall sites suggested from the coast, one being Skipsea, bringing the cables in, and route 3 being a preferred option which will come in from the north side of Bentley to the suggested site compound. Why hasn’t Hull City Council been used as a preferred option – Hull City Council have a list of Brownfield Sites, one being significantly and less damaging to residents to the Creyke Beck (National Grid Sub Station).


You are consulting with arboriculturists? –  you need to consult with the residents, as they are the ones directly impacted. Their views matter!!     Screening of a 27m high building with a high-pressure gas line in the vicinity is significant and requires attention to detail.

We Strongly object against a taller building. The building would need to be a low as possible in the land to reduce the visual impact.


Roads and traffic around Bentley, coming in from the north side of the site will increase traffic east & west. The proposed Zone 4 will have a detrimental impact on local farmers, and tourism, a camping and glamping business will be harmed to a point where the viability of the business will be in doubt.

There is no mention of any compensation for residents or any scheme to support cost of living when the project is already identified as 4 years minimum with capacity for 4-7 years of construction and a 30-year expected lifespan.

  1. Enforcement  – None.
  • Monitoring Items

Stoneledge –  No report.

Ashcourt – No issue.

22                                                     Chair____


  1. Newsletter –  Ready for circulation W/c 17.7.23
  2. Website – Clerk advised Website review 3.8.23 with Get Extra Limited.

                                                                                                           Action: Clerk

  • Community Ownership Fund – Councillor Turner reported he had attended a   presentation on the above fund from the CHLG Levelling up and circulated documents to Councillors for consideration. RESOLVED – That an expression of interest would be made to apply once the next round of grants is available.

115/23  ERNLLCA – ERNLLCA Conference 15th September 2023 at Village Hotel, Henry Boot Way, Hull   – Councillor L Fawcett will attend.

ERNLLCA Newsletter  – Noted

National GridNational Grid Electricity Transmission – Creyke Beck substation works – public consultation: 29 June to 27 July 2023 – Discussion took place, and it was felt that the transmission network should go south of the proposed location due to the Houses & Rowley Manor in this location.
ERYCRevised rent for Little Weighton Playing Field Lease, wef 1st June 2023. (Adjustment Invoice received)  – Noted
ERYCNational Highways and Transport (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey  – RESOLVED  Councillor Raymond completed.
ERYCAnti-Social Behaviour stats for Dale Ward 1.10.22 – 31.03.2023   –Noted
ERYCDraft Design Code presented to Cabinet 4.7.23 – Noted
Bruno Peek (Pageant Master)D-Day 80  6th June 2024  (Beacon Lighting – 9.15pm) Noted



           To review and approve:

           a)Income received & approve Payments presented. RESOLVED – Approved 

Cheque NoPayable ToDescriptionNettVATTotal 
DPLaura HillsPavilion Cleaning£                 240.00£                 –£        240.00
DPRedfezLaptop Repair£                   55.00£          11.00£          66.00
101871ClerkPost, Travel, HP Ink & Total AV Antivirus PRO£                   92.25£            4.04£          96.29
101872ERYCPlaying Fields Rent£                   62.50£                 –£          62.50
101873LW Village HallHall Hire£                  66.00£                 –£          66.00
101874John TunnicliffeGiant Disk£                 493.00£                 –£        493.00
101875John TunnicliffeLocks and Pavilion Door repairs/Toilet Door£                 326.00£                 –£        326.00
101876SolwayBench£                 393.00£          78.60£        471.60
101877East Riding Pension FundContributions£                 224.87£                 –£        224.87
101878Get ExtraAnti Malware£                   50.00£          10.00£          60.00
101879RJ BensonGrounds Maintenance£                   61.00£                 –£          61.00
S/O 28.06.2023 SalaryStanding Order£                 738.68£                 –  £        738.68
  1. Budget Monitoring 1.4.23 to 30.6.23 – RESOLVED Approved by all Councillors.
  2. Audit Comment Action plan sent to Internal Auditor.- Confirmed happy with the Plan agreed by Council.
  3. Signatories – Mandate received from Barclays was not correct. further communications required with Barclays Bank.
  4. To discuss & approve using an external payroll provider. –RESOLVED That Phoenix Accountancy & Business Consultancy Limited with process Payroll. The Clerk will arrange the necessary paperwork to get this implemented.

23                                                    Chair____


            Councillor Meredith reported on RWE & National Grid consultations. Councillor      

            Meredith thanked for attending the RWE proposed site visit.

Councillor Meredith reported he had been asked about ‘Smiling Sids’  (Speed Indicating Devices) which a neighbouring Parish have installed. He advised that from calls received the suggested sites would be The School (White Gap Road) and the Pond (Old Village Road). The Clerk will make enquiries  as to the supplier and costs.

The recent power outages had received many complaints, as this had affected parts of Rowley Parish. It was understood a drop-in session for residents from Northern Powergrid would be arranged.


  1. Riplingham Grange Crossroads/Westoby Lane – A further chase by Councillor Meredith to Paul Copeland (ERYC) on changes to the crossroad junction. Unfortunately, the safety view is driven by data.

            Agreed – That this item will now be removed from the agenda as a standing item.



  • Playing Fields Questionnaire responses
  • RWE Consultation & National Grid Consultation
  • Solar Farm (Community Benefit – Albanwise Synergy)
  • Community Ownership Fund
  • Rowley Road Speed Limit

There being no further business the Chair Closed the Meeting at 9.20 pm.

  Signature:    Dated: