online via Zoom as permitted in The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) due to the COVID19 (Coronavirus crisis)


16/21 PRESENT:  A. Woodall (Chair), P. Smith (Vice Chair), K. Brown, L. Fawcett, S. Turner, R. Elvidge, J. Richardson, Ward Councillors; Mrs P. Smith, Cllr Meredith & Cllr Gill

17/21 APOLOGIES:   Cllrs Mrs E. Hunter, Cllr R. Meredith

18/21 OPEN FORUM – 2 Members of the Parish present.

2 residents of Brackenwoods advised that they were expecting a response from ERYC Planning Management in respect of a public statement pertaining to Croft Park. The Legal Team at ERYC are looking into the site license.  It was hoped that the statement would be made available following the Ward Councillors meeting with Stephen Hunt, Steven Cook & Karen Abba. 

19/21 DECLARATION OF INTEREST   – Councillor A. Woodall – 7.1 Planning, Prejudicial, Councillor J.Richardson 7.1 Planning – Personal.


RESOLVED:   Minutes of the meeting held 4th January 2021, were then approved as a true & correct record.


Dale Ward Policing Team update has been circulated.    –  Noted.


It was agreed to keep the Playing Field Gate closed until further guidance has been received from Government in respect of lifting the lockdown and/or a change in restrictions.   This item will be reviewed each month.



20/04198/CM – Proposed extension to the existing Riplingham Quarry for the extraction of chalk, and a full landscape restoration of the proposed extended site by backfilling with inert material to create a calcareous grassland with new tree Planting for Stoneledge Plant & Transport Limited to Land North of Riplingham Grange, Westoby Lane, Riplingham.

Discussion took place, Councillors expressed their concerns with the application. 

                                                                05                                                     _______ (Chair)

RESOLVED; That the application is recommended for Refusal.

1, The environmental impact

The known environmental damage caused by the fugitive dust carried out from the quarry by lorries and other service vehicles and deposited on the verges, hedgerow, and residential properties at least 2 miles from the quarry.

2, The disregard to residents in the Parish by the operators of the quarry.

The existing vehicles do not appear to use the wheel wash, as evidenced by the fugitive dust deposited on the verges, hedgerow, and residential properties. The speed at which fully laden lorries travel, noting the braking distance, on rural roads they share with other vehicles, horse riders, cyclists, and walkers, including crossing the popular walking route the ‘Beverley 20’ from Humber Bridge to Beverley Minster. We would like limitations placed on/and used as accessible routes the following: North from the quarry on Westoby Lane, Welton Road and Brick Dyke Lane to the B1230; and South from the quarry on Westoby Lane to Riplingham Crossroads and east on Riplingham Road to Raywell.

3, The Wheel wash should be plumbed in and functional at all times & maintained, used by every vehicle leaving the site, not just the HGV’s but all of them.

4. Tarmac at the Wheel wash to the highway entrance to ensure no additional no muck/additional road surface pollution reaches the highway.

Should the Officers be minded to approve the application, that Rowley Parish Council request that it is referred to committee for a full and open debate.

7.4 Croft Park – To receive update from Ward Councillors who attended a meeting with Planning Officers. *   See accompanying notes from discussion in open forum.

7.5 Empowering our Community Housing Builds.  Councillor Meredith discussed a review that will take place and wanted to ensure the Council is aware and ready for comments from its community. Questions around whether the Parish would like to see small scale affordable developments take place to provide for the next generations, or it may be to ensure that restrictions are tightened to preserve the current setting and character within the parish. Councillor Meredith would welcome feedback.

Councillor Brown advised that Drainage has always been an issue in the Village (Little Weighton).

Councillor Richardson advised that geographically we are a large parish in the East Riding and there is quite a difference between Little Weighton and some of the outlying areas, perhaps moving forward we should not consider as one area maybe time to consider separately as the issues faced in Little Weighton would be different to those of Bentley, Riplingham etc. 

The Chair asked that the item remains on the agenda for additional comments in the coming months.  Councillors asked to consider the agenda item and bring their thoughts to further meetings for discussion in preparation of the review panel meeting.

7.6 Documentation relating to the ERYC (A164 Castle Hill Roundabout to A164 Regiment Roundabout (Compulsory Purchase Order 2021), detailing Compulsory purchase of land and new rights of way in Skidby, Rowley & Woodmansey had been received.   PDF Documents would be circulated to Council for their information. 

                                                            06                                            _______ (Chair)


Newsletter – Next edition of the Beacon will be produced for Easter. 

Items for inclusion in the next newsletter were discussed.

Clerks report circulated – Re Highway Updates – Noted.


Newsletter Edition 14 distributed.  No Comments.

Cllr Brown & The Clerk attended a ‘Broadening Planning Knowledge’ Training Event.

Finance training courses distributed.  Cllr Turner expressed interest in attending – Internal Controls and Finance for Councillors (June 2021),


East Riding CouncilThe following documents were all noted:   COVID-19 19 Members Briefing Circulated 29th January 2021. Community Response Hub Information Information relating to the Census 2021.  – NOTED   The revised Model Code of Conduct – No Comments
NALCCoronavirus Update regarding remote meetings – The Government has not, as yet given any indication that is planning to extend the remote meeting regulations beyond 7th May 2021. – NOTED    

27/21 FINANCE  

  1. To Approve Payments presented – The Following payments were presented to the Council. 
Cheque NoPayable ToDescriptionNettVATTotal 
101646ERNLLCAPlanning Training (Cllr Woodall & Clerk) £              40.00 £            8.00 £              48.00
101647Yorkshire WaterUtility £            155.81 £                 –   £            155.81
101648ClerkZoom, travel & Post £              52.02 £            1.05 £              53.07
101649East Riding Pension FundPension Contributions £            205.21 £                 –   £            205.21
S/O (28th Jan)Clerks SalarySalary £            670.41 £                 –    £            670.41
  £        1,123.45 £            9.05 £        1,132.50

RESOLVED – That the payments presented are approved.


Councillor Meredith had previously highlighted.

Croft Park planning and update from Meeting held at ERYC.

Quarry – Planning Information

Raywell Corner – Statistics and ERYC Highways Response.

A164 Compulsory Purchase of Land and new Rights in Skidby, Rowley & Woodmansey. 

Climate change review Panel Finished their deliberations and made its recommendations, they would like to see a Climate Change Strategy written within the next 12 months and to include all recommendations.   

07                                                   _______ (Chair)

Councillor Gill advised that Full Council Budget Meeting will take place W/c 8th February 2021. 


Station View – Course of action identified.  (See Clerks Report for update).                                                        


a) Village Planters – Councillor Woodall advised approx. cost £1600-£2000 per sign. (Council will be looking for funding through local renewable schemes within the parish).

Discussion took place regarding locations for planters and designs.   


*      Empowering our community – Re Housing Builds

*      Croft Park – Planning Update (expected from ERYC Planning Managers) and Decision    

        due on Application 20/03226/VAR

*      Village Planters

There being no further business the Chairman Closed the Meeting at 8.39 pm.

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