28th February 2021

An Ordinary Meeting of the Council will be held remotely

via Zoom on

On THURSDAY 4th MARCH 2021 at 7.00pm.


If members of the Public have a Query or a Matter, they would like to bring to the attention of the

Parish Council then they are welcome to contact the Clerk by email.  Members of the Public who

wish to attend the meeting must email the parish clerk by Tuesday 2nd March 2021 to request

the link.

1.         Apologies for absence

            To receive and accept apologies for absence.

2.         Open Forum

            Members of the public may make recommendations about matters to be discussed at this meeting or other items of public interest.

3.         Declaration of Interest – The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items for discussion on this agenda. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.

4.         Minutes         

To approve the minutes of the meeting held Thursday 4th February 2021 as previously circulated (*).

5.         Local Policing Team   

            To receive Feb 21 – Ebulletin OPCC (Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner).

6.         Little Weighton Playing Fields

            (a) Playing Field Gate  

7.         Planning

To consider Planning Applications and any other applications received from East Riding Council for Consideration by the Council.

  •  Applications:    No application received at time of agenda going to Print.

7.2 Croft Park – To receive letter from Stephen Hunt Head of Planning and Development Management.

7.3 Empowering our Community re Housing Builds (discussion topic from Cllr Meredith Dec 20).

8.   Communications

  • Newsletter
  • Clerks Report
  • Neighbourhood Watch – www.fraudwatch.org.uk   information about the different types of fraud, videos that can be used to raise awareness, as well as tips on how to avoid being a victim.


         a)   To receive Nalc Chief Executive Bulletin’s (16TH, 19TH & 26TH February 2021)

         b)   Consultation to inform NALC’s response to MHCLG Model Design Code (Changes to Planning   


10.      All Correspondence received

Residents EmailRegarding Tree Works * carried out in the Village – (Response sent 14.2.21)
Residents EmailTo receive request for Remembrance Day 2021 Proposal for Village Soldier Silhouettes
ERYCTo receive Grass Cutting Service fees for 2021/22 season:  £681.05 Nett for Little Weighton Playing Fields  £132.27 Nett for Parish Green, Little Weighton.
ERYCCovid Business Support Update Email re Devolution ‘Dual Mayoral Authority’  

11.   Finance 

  1. To Approve Payments presented
  2. To Review and Approve Asset Register
  3. To Review and Approve Risk Assessments
  4. To Review and Approve Standing Orders
  5. To Approve Financial Regulations

12.    Ward Councillors Report

         a) To receive report from Ward Councillor(s) present

13.    Highways

14.    Grounds Maintenance

         (a) Village Entry Sign Planters

         (b) Rats/Nest at the Pond (Reported by Resident).

15.     Matters for inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting

16.     Date of Next Meeting

          Meeting scheduled for Thursday 1st April 2021 (Annual Parish Meeting followed by Ordinary    

          Meeting of the Council.



Clerk to the Council

(*) Emailed