29th April 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Council will be held remotely via Zoom on

On Thursday 6th May 2021, 7.00 pm.



1.         Election of Chair for the Council Year 2021/22

            To receive nominations and appoint Chair.

            Chair to sign Declaration of acceptance of Office.

2.         Election of Vice Chair for the Council Year 2021/22

3.         Election of Committees for the Council Year 2021/22

            a)  Planning Committee (4 Members or Full Council)

            b)  Finance Committee  (3 Members or Full Council)

            c)  Communications Committee (3 Members or Full Council)

4.         Appointment of Internal Auditor for 2021/22 Accounts – Alan Johnson (AJACS)

5.         Appointment of representatives of the Council to other bodies for the Council Year.

            a)  ERNLLCA “To elect two councillors to represent this council at ERNLLCA district committee meetings”.

            b)  Riplingham Quarry Liaison Group (1 Representative)

6.         Dates and times of Meetings for the Council Year 2021/22

            To confirm meeting dates and times for the forthcoming year

7.         To Appoint Councils Signatories for the forthcoming Year on all Council Bank Accounts.

8.         Apologies for absence

            To receive and accept apologies for absence.

9.         Open Forum

            Members of the public may make recommendations about matters to be discussed at this meeting or other items of public interest.

10.       Minutes         

To approve the minutes of the meeting held 1st April 2021 as previously circulated (*).

11.       Declaration of Interest – The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items for discussion on this agenda. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.

12.       Local Policing

            a)  To receive monthly update.

13.       Little Weighton Playing Fields

a)   To receive information relating to replacing fence ‘Dog walking area’

14.       Planning

a) Applications:    To consider Planning Applications and any other applications

received from East Riding Council for Consideration by the Council.

No application at time of agenda going to print.

b) Decisions  

21/00642/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to the side and rear at 8 Station View, Little Weighton

  • Planning Enforcement – To consider any enforcement matters.
  • Croft Park meeting held with ERYC Planning Officers, Parish Council and Members of the Public.   (Councillors & Ward Councillors present to provide update)
  • Little Weighton Cutting – Agenda item on ERYC Planning Committee Meeting held 29.04.2021.

(Councillor Brown & Councillor R. Meredith to provide update).

15.     Communications

  • Newsletter   – Date to be confirmed for next Edition.
  • Website   – Any matters   

16.       All Correspondence received

            To receive and consider any actions required:

Hornsea FourNewsletter April 2021
ERYCRecovery & Support Workshops Remote Meetings  
Councillor Brown & Residents EmailTo commemorate the Passing of Barrie Heaton

17.     East Riding of Yorkshire Council

          To Note – Surface Dressing Programme to commence in the (ERYC 6.4.21) – Skidby Road, Little     

           Weighton identified.

18     ERNLLCA

  1. To approve Membership Fees for 2021/22
  2. To note Chief Executive Bulletin
  3. To receive – ERNLLCA Training Programme

19.      Finance & Governance   

            a) To receive Internal Auditors Report for Financial Year ended 31.03.2021

b) To approve Year End Accounts to 31.3.21 for submission to Littlejohn Auditors

c) To approve dates of the period for the exercise of public rights.

d) To review Annual Rents – Highways Storage Area, Allotments, Advertising & Football Teams

            e) To Review and Approve Asset Register – last reviewed 4.3.21

            f) To Review and Approve Risk Assessments – last reviewed 4.3.21

            g)  To Review and Approve Standing Orders – last reviewed 4.3.21

            h)  To approve Insurance Schedule

i) To Approve Payments presented

20.       Ward Councillors

            a) To receive report from Ward Councillor’s present.

21.      Grounds Maintenance

            a) Remembrance Day Silhouettes – Update

            b) Village Entry Planters

22.       Highways

            Resident’s email received and forwarded to Highways Officer – Rowley Road Footpath

22.      Matters for inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting

23.     Date of Next Meeting

           Meeting scheduled for 6th June 2021 – To be confirmed.



Clerk to the Council 

(*) Emailed