online via Zoom as permitted in The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) due to the COVID19 (Coronavirus crisis)


01/21 PRESENT:  A. Woodall (Chair), P. Smith (Vice Chair), K. Brown, L. Fawcett, S. Turner, R. Elvidge, J. Richardson, Ward Councillors; Mrs P. Smith & Cllr Gill.

02/21 APOLOGIES:   Cllrs Mrs E. Hunter, Cllr R. Meredith

03/21 OPEN FORUM – 2 Members of the Parish present.

Two residents of Brackenwoods expressed their concern and anger over hardstanding’s and lodges that have appeared on site at Croft Park, Rowley Road, Little Weighton. Trees/Landscaping has been removed which once provided privacy to the residents of Brackenwoods and which was agreed within the original planning consent. Residents highlighted the history of the site and the recent works that have taken place without any planning application or consent. Issues surrounding drainage, surface water, landscaping/Screening, number of lodges were all discussed.

Information agreed to be shared with Cllrs Smith & Gill to investigate further with planning officers at ERYC.

04/21 DECLARATION OF INTEREST   –   Councillor R. Elvidge (7.2) Planning (Albanwise)


RESOLVED:   Minutes of the meeting held 3rd December 2020, were then approved as a true & correct record.


Parish/Towns News release (December 2020 for November 2020 Information) details relating to Crime Stats, Patrolling in the area, community priorities, operations, patrol areas and scams. Information from the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, Fire & Rescue was also provided.

A recent ‘text’ fraud was reported regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations, offering individuals the chance to purchase one, and to provide their bank details.


a) Dugouts – Removal will take place once safe to do so due to current restrictions in place. The ground is also extremely wet.

                                                                01                                                     _______ (Chair)


Applications No applications received.

Albanwise Synergy – A Zoom meeting was held 7th December 2020 with Albanwise Synergy representatives to discuss their proposal to erect a solar farm to land 2.4km Northwest of Cottingham (Creyke Beck). A PDF Document has been circulated to all Council Members. An application is to be submitted to ERYC early 2021.

Decisions 20/03383/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to side following removal of existing outbuilding at Little Hunsley Farm, The Avenue, High Hunsley HU20 3UR. – APPROVED

20/00214/PLF – Erection of a detached dwelling following demolition of existing garage with associated works at Land North of Sunnybank, 27 Old Village Road, Little Weighton. – REFUSED

Croft Park Complaints made to the ERYC Enforcement Officer in respect of a breach of planning consent. (Discussed in Open Forum by two residents present). Croft Park is a site with historical applications, however referring to Application 06/06256 -which was an application approved for the siting of holiday units. The approval came with conditions regarding landscaping, floor levels of buildings, drainage etc. Over recent weeks/months trees and vegetation have been removed which has left residents of Brackenwoods open and exposed with a lack of privacy. There has been no explanation for the removal of the trees. Additional hardstanding’s have been placed with a view to putting further lodges in place. The Enforcement Officer at ERYC has been contacted and correspondence forwarded by residents. The response from the Enforcement Officer was discussed by Council which is contradictory to the original planning consent.

Councillor Gill and Councillor Smith will discuss further with the Head of Planning and Development Management, Stephen Hunt.

Councillors expressed their views; they hope that retrospective planning is not the answer. Development should stop until communications have been made between the local authority and the site owners.

RESOLVED – That a letter is sent to Stephen Hunt, ERYC expressing the Councils and Residents’ concerns.

Housing Builds – Discussion took place in respect of Cllr Meredith agenda item discussed briefly at the December Meeting. Clarification is to be sought and bought back to the Parish Council for their February 2021 meeting.

Notice of Landowner Deposits under Section 15a (1) of the Commons Act 2006 – on Risby Estates by Albanwise Limited. Clarification was sought from the Definitive Maps Officer at ERYC. The notices put up around the Risby Estates represent land under the ownership of Albanwise Limited. This allows the landowner to show what Public Rights of Way (PROW’s) they have across their land. The landowner deposits the documents onto the local ERYC register which protects their land under S15a (1) of the Commons Act 2006 from it being claimed for recreational purposes as common land or village green. The applications remain on the register under the current legislation for 20 years before a landowner has to renew it. The site notices are placed on site for 60 days.

                                                            02                                            _______ (Chair)


Newsletter & Feedback – Newsletter printed and distributed (December 2020 Edition). Cllr Smith advised that there was a printing issue on pages relating to the Christmas Raffle and Advent Windows which has now resulted in a credit on the account. No charge for this edition.


December 2020 & January 2021 Newsletter distributed. No Comments.

Councillor Woodall and the Clerk will be attending a training session regarding ‘Planning Knowledge’ on 2nd February 2021.


East Riding CouncilCOVID-19 19 Members Briefing Circulated 29th December 20 (updated by Lockdown3)– NOTED
East Riding CouncilNeighbourhood Watch – following Clerk attending Meeting email circulated; To receive Newsletters from Neighbourhood Watch, Police & Crime Commissioner, Humberside Fire & Safety Information. (*Circulated to Councillors 23.12.20) – NOTED – Information to be included in the next edition of the Newsletter.
Village HallReceive Minutes from the Village Hall AGM held 1st December 2020 –   Discussion raised re Minute No 12 – Asked by the Village Hall secretary if the Parish Council will be continuing to use the Hall on a Thursday. The Clerk had already notified the Secretary that the Council will continue to hold Zoom Meetings until government guidance advises us further. The Village Hall have asked if the Parish Council can change the day as the choir use the hall every Thursday. Cllr Richardson responded that this was disappointing news considering the support the Parish Council have given to the Village Hall over the years. Cllr Woodall reiterated that at present we will continue on Zoom and contact the Secretary in due course. NOTED

12/21 FINANCE 

  1. Grant Applications

A1. Application from Little Weighton Bowling Club – Additional quotations had been received however were still from the same company as previously supplied albeit, alternate Scarifyer. It was therefore requested that the Club seek two further quotations from independent suppliers.

  • To Approve Payments presented – The Following payment were presented to the Council.
Cheque NoPayable ToDescriptionNettVATTotal 
101641ERYCRent (Playing Fields)£477.00 £          –  £477.00
101642HMRCPaye£425.61£      –   £425.61
101643ERYCGrounds Maintenance (The Green) £    128.42 £   25.68 £    154.10
 ERYCGrounds Maintenance (LW Playing Fields) £    661.21 £ 132.24 £    793.45
101644ClerkZoom, travel & Post £       42.98 £      0.79 £       43.77
101645East Riding Pension FundPension Contributions £    205.21 £          –   £    205.21
S/OClerks SalarySalary £    670.41 £          –   £    670.41

RESOLVED – That the payments presented are approved.

                                                                   03                                                   _______ (Chair)


Councillor Gill gave updates in respect of Covid19 – and local referencing. A COVID-19 briefing was held on Tuesday 5th January 2021 with the Prime Minister advising that the UK would be put back into a Lockdown (3) wef Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Councillor Smith advised that she will be attending a budget briefing on Friday 9th January 2021.


The Clerk advised that no response has yet been received following traffic survey held on Old Village Road, w/c 28th September 2020.


a) Village Planters – Councillor Woodall will chase builder for a quotation.

b) Barley Deposits – Barley deposits/debris on road was reported as a highway issue to ERYC on 18th December 2020. ERYC responded and road was cleared very quickly.

c) Old Well (Chapel) – Old Village Road – Cllr Turner reported that the slabs on the grass had exposed parts of the old well. Cllr Woodall and Cllr Elvidge realigned the slabs. The Clerk will report to Highways as a safety concern.


*      Projects for consideration within the Village/Parish

There being no further business the Chairman Closed the Meeting at 8.30 pm.

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