01/22 PRESENT:  A.Woodall (Chair), P.Smith (Vice) K.Brown, S.Turner, J.Richardson, A.Raymond, R.Elvidge, Ms L.Fawcett. Ward Councillor Mrs P Smith.

02/22  APOLOGIES: Cllr Mrs E Hunter

03/22  OPEN FORUM  –  3 residents present.

04/22  DECLARATION OF INTEREST   –  Cllr S.Turner (Planning Agenda Item 8b – Personal Interest)

05/22  MINUTES

RESOLVED:   The minutes of the meeting held 1st December 2021, were then approved as a true & correct record.


That Neil Armstrong be co-opted as a Councillor of Rowley Parish Council. Cllr Armstrong duly signed the Acceptance of Office and was welcomed to the Council.

Councillor Armstrong then declared an interest in Agenda Item 8.4 (Planning Enforcement (Pecuniary Interest).

07/22 LOCAL POLICING TEAM   –  Crime Stats Report (November 21) –– 3 crimes reported Lilac Grove Area. NOTED.


Store Cupboard Doors in need of repair. Quotation received from R.Benson (handyman) £153.00 (Inclusive of Materials and Labour).

RESOLVED – Quotation Approved. R.Benson to conduct the works as specified.



  1. 21/04494/TPO – 1992 – Fell 6 No. Ash Trees due to all showing signs of ash die back. Replace with 1 No. Silver Birch and 2 No. Rowan Trees at 7 Station View, Little Weighton.

RESOLVED – That the Council recommend that this application is approved.

  • 21/04377/PLF – Erection of a detached dwelling following demolition of existing garage block with associated works for parking and access together with pedestrian link to footpath on Old Village Road for new dwelling (Revised Scheme of 20/00214/PLF) at Land North of Sunnybank, 27 Old Village Road, Little Weighton

RESOLVED – That the Council recommend this application is Refused.

  • 21/04601/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to rear and alterations/extension to existing rear dormer at Coombe Cottage, 15 Rowley Road, Little Weighton.

RESOLVED – That the Council recommend this application is approved.

01                                             _______ (Chair)

  • 21/04656/CLP –  Certificate of Lawfulness for the erection of a single storey extension to rear at 4 Potterdale Drive, Little Weighton.

RESOLVED – That the Council recommend this application approved.

8.2 Decision:    20/04198/CM – Proposed extension to the existing Riplingham Quarry for the extraction of chalk, and a full landscape restoration of the proposed extended site by backfilling with inert materials to create a calcareous grassland with new tree planting – ERYC DECISION  –  APPROVED

8.3  Planning Inspectorate –Application by RWE Renewables UK for an order Granting Development Consent for the Dogger Bank Offshore Wind Farms  – Formal Withdrawal of Applicants request for a Scoping Opinion  – NOTED

At this point Cllr Armstrong left the Room.


21/01505/UNUSE3  – The Barn – Use of former Garage as Hairdressers, The Barn, 47 White Gap Road, Little Weighton –  Noted

Cllr Armstrong returned to the Room.

21/01504/UNUSE3 – Smallholding Agricultural Buildings being used as residential – Smallholding, White Gap Road, Little Weighton– Noted.


Stoneledge – No Issues

LW Cutting  – No Issues


NewsletterNext Edition will be produced for Easter 2022.

Website – New Website progressing.

Drainage Easement – Referred to ERNLLCA/Nalc – ERNLLCA suggested document drawn up by Solicitor.

RESOLVED – Clerk to see quotations for drawing up of document/later with photographs.

10/22  ERNLLCA

Planning Training & Project Management Training – Information provided.

Councillor Woodall expressed interest in attending Planning (Broadening your planning system knowledge), and Councillor Armstrong expressed interest in attending Basic Understanding of the Planning System.

RESOLVED – The Clerk to book Cllrs on training if available.

NALCS Bulletins – NOTED


ERYCCode of Conduct – To review and consider adopting the revised Code of Conduct from ERYC – RESOLVED – Councillors agreed to adopt the ERYC Code of Conduct.
ERYCRequest for suggested topics for the ERYC Overview & Scrutiny Committee – Topics must be of a strategic nature and benefit the East Riding as a whole.(extension requested).- The clerk had expressed an extension to meeting however, ERYC denied extension.
ERYCThe Queens Platinum Jubilee Community Fund – Opens for Applications 20th January 2022. –  A representative of the Village Hall Committee attended and expressed an interest in a joint event for the Jubilee. Discussion took place as Croft Park also expressed interest in event. Council asked for VH Committee to advise what they would like to do and report back so that a joint meeting can take place of all interested parties. Grant Available to apply for once ideas are formalised.
ERYCRights of Way Improvement Plan Consultation 2022-2032. – Cllr Richardson will review and action.
ERYCTo Note:  Temporary Rolling Road Closures City of Hull AC Ferriby Ten Mile Road Running Race Sunday 30th January 2022 between 0830 and 11:30 Hours  – Cllr Smith will place notice on Village Facebook, also to be placed on Website and Noticeboard.
ERYCTo note Carriageway Investigation and Repair works to Rowley Road, commencing 17th January 2022 between South of the Entrance to Rowley Manor to the Junction with Rowley Road. (*)   Circulated previously & noted.
Village Hall CommitteeTo receive Minutes of Meeting held 7th December 2021 (*)   The Clerk informed Committee that the Hall Hire rates are increasing wef 1 March 2022. RESOLVED –future bookings will be for the Rowley Room and Weighton Room combined – £25.00

12/21 FINANCE 

  1. Receipts & Payments presented –

Income received: 

IncomeLittle Weighton Football  Seasons Fees£100.00
Cheque NoPayable ToDescriptionNettVATTotal 
101721ERNLLCATraining (Cllr Raymond/Cllr Turner) £   65.00 £   13.00 £           78.00
101722LW Village HalHall Hire £   30.00 £          –   £           30.00
101723ERYCInv 67647912 – (Playing Field Rent) £ 505.00 £          –   £         505.00
  Inv 67659511 – (Pest Control – Pond) £   82.48 £   16.50 £           98.98
101724EONElectricity £ 100.74 £      5.03 £         105.77
101725ER Pension FundPension Contributions £ 205.21 £          –   £         205.21
101726ClerkPost, Travel & Reimbursements £   44.45 £      3.19 £           47.64
101727HMRCPAYE & Tax £ 188.10 £          –   £         188.10
101728Little Weighton Village HallHall Hire (dec) £   30.00 £          –   £           30.00
101729RJ BensonHandyman. £   90.00 £          –   £           90.00
101730ERYCGrounds Maintenance Charge £ 681.05 £ 136.21 £         817.26
S/O   28.12.21Clerks SalaryStanding Order £ 670.41 £          –  670.41

RESOLVED – That the payments presented are approved

b)Internet Banking – Ongoing.

13/22  WARD COUNCILLORS REPORT –  Cllr Smith reported that with increasing fuel charges, the ERYC have a buying auction which residents can register for a fuel scheme.


  1. Directional Sign –(Walkington Road)  Work tickets for replacements arms have been raised, the finger posts are supplied by an approved contractor and therefore the completion of the works could take 4-6 weeks. – Clerk will check further for completion date.

03                                            _______ (Chair)

  • Chalk Path – Approved Contractors list now received along with Technical Specification. Discussion took place however due to the significant cost involved, it was agreed to seek quotations from the Approved Contractors List.
  • Reflective posts damaged/missing – Reports of damaged posts on Skidby Road, also area near Rowley Manor, and Rowley Cottage. Clerk to Report to ERYC Highways.


Updates on the following:

  1. Trees for Planting – Discussion took place, and it was agreed to pursue interest for 150 trees for planting. The Clerk will seek approval from ERYC due to Parish Council leasing the land from the Local Authority. Trees to be planted if approved as a shelter belt on the playing fields. Ask the School if the Children wish to be involved.

      b)   Noticeboard to the playing field entrance has raised concern by a resident. The    

            board is rotting at the base and back boards. Councillors viewed and recommended    

            that this is removed.


There being no further business the Chairman Closed the Meeting at 8.59 pm.

    Signature:      Dated: