Wednesday 12th July 2023  6.45 pm

RWE Renewables will consult with Residents on the Dogger Bank South Proposed Substation site options.  

An Ordinary Meeting of the Council will follow at

7.30 pm

Dear Councillor,

You are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Parish Meeting of the Council to be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 12th July 2023, commencing at 6.45pm when RWE Renewables will consult on proposed Substation site options.  The Parish Council meeting will commence at 7.30 pm.

Yours sincerely,





1.         Open Forum

            Members of the public may make recommendations about matters to be discussed at this meeting or other items of public interest.

2.         Apologies for absence

            To receive and accept apologies for absence.

3.         Declaration of Interest – The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items for discussion on this agenda. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.

4.         Minutes         

To approve the minutes of the meeting held Wednesday 14th June 2023    

5.         Local Policing Team   

  • To note any Incidents/Crimes reported

6.         Little Weighton Playing Fields

            Any issues to be raised regarding the Playing Fields & agree actions.

  • Theft of equipment
  • To receive & approve Storage Door quotation for Plastisol Coated Steel
  • Broken Springer (Equipment) – Awaiting quotations.
  • To note Cleaning of Changing Rooms complete
  • To review work required at the Changing Rooms
  • Request for Soil (Goal Mouths) Football Pitch

7.         Planning

To consider Planning Applications and any other applications received from East Riding Council for Consideration by the Council.

7.1       23/01725/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to rear of dwelling at Scotia, 39 New Village Road,

            Little Weighton. 


7.2       Decision

  1. 23/00846/STVAR  – Variation of Condition 3 (approved plans) of planning permission

21/02335/STPLF – Construction of a 49.9MW Solar Farm, underground cabling, 18 inverter substations, installation of perimeter fencing (up to 2.5m high) with access gates and 176 CCTV cameras/infra-red lighting on steel poles (up to 3.5m high steel poles) and 2 temporary construction compounds; construction of a grid compound consisting of substations, control rooms, transformers, cabling and fencing; construction of a storage compound consisting of 24 battery storage containers, 24 PCS units and 2.5m high perimeter fencing and associated grid infrastructure and associated works to allow for minor design changes to battery layout to reflect a more efficient and optimised design for construction At Land South of Creyke Beck Substation 4875 Park Lane, Cottingham.  (Albanwise Synergy) Granted

            7.2  b. RWE – Renewables  

                   RWE Newsletter – Consultation feedback to be considered.

7.3 Planning Enforcement                                                                      

  • Any Matters to raise.

7.5  Monitoring Item:

  • Stoneledge Plant & Transport Ltd (ERYC Enforcement  
  • Ashcourt Group Ltd –   LW Cutting

8.   Communications

  • Newsletter & Website
  • To discuss Community Ownership Fund (Councillor Turner)


        To consider & approve any actions relating to:

  • ERNLLCA Conference 15th September 2023 at Village Hotel, Henry Boot Way, Hull
  • ERNLLCA Newsletter

10.      All Correspondence received

National GridNational Grid Electricity Transmission – Creyke Beck substation works – public consultation: 29 June to 27 July 2023
ERYCTo note revised rent for Little Weighton Playing Field Lease, wef 1st June 2023. (Adjustment Invoice received)
ERYCTo complete National Highways and Transport (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey
ERYCTo note Anti-Social Behaviour stats for Dale Ward 1.10.22 – 31.03.2023  
ERYCTo note Draft Design Code presented to Cabinet 4.7.23
Bruno Peek (Pageantmaster)D-Day 80  6th June 2024  (Beacon Lighting – 9.15pm)

11.  Finance 

  1. To note Income received & approve Payments presented.
  2. Budget Monitoring 1.4.23 to 30.6.23
  3. To note Action plan for Internal audit sent to Auditor.
  4. Signatories – To provide update to Council.
  5. To discuss & approve using an external payroll provider.
  6. To approve Bench Cost (Bentley)  
  7. August Payments – To approve delegated powers to Clerk in consultation with full council via email to pay invoices and employment costs due. All delegated payments to be presented at September meeting.

12.    Ward Councillors Report

         a) To receive report from Ward Councillor(s) present

13.    Highways

         To receive and approve any actions relating to Highways issues or provide update on the  


  1. Riplingham Grange Crossroads/Westoby Lane Junction  – Update from Councillor Meredith

14.    Grounds Maintenance

         To receive and approve any actions:

15.     Matters for inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting

16.     Date of Next Meeting –    6th September 2023