151/21 PRESENT:  A.Woodall (Chair), P.Smith (Vice) K.Brown, S.Turner, J.Richardson, A.Raymond, R.Elvidge, E.Hunter,  Ms L.Fawcett. Ward Councillor Richard Meredith.

152/21  APOLOGIES: Ward Councillors, T.Gill & P.Smith

153/21  OPEN FORUM  –  No residents present.


155/21  MINUTES

RESOLVED:   The minutes of the meeting held 3rd November 2021, were then approved as a true & correct record.

156/21 LOCAL POLICING TEAM   –  Parish Town News Release (November 21) –– NOTED.

The Clerk will ask Brough Station if Officers may be able to attend PC future meetings.

Community Speed watch FAQ’s – The Community Speed Watch Programme monitors areas in 30mph and 40mph only. A clear line of sight is required for a minimum of one hundred metres in each direction from where the team operate. Sites cannot be within sixty metres of a change of speed limit, road junction or pedestrian crossing. – NOTED.

Discussion took place – ‘Rumble Strips’ were suggested for White Gap on entry to the Village, with the possibility of the Strips being put down also on Rowley Road.                        Action:  The Clerk will contact Traffic Management Team.


Public Right of Way (Fencing) A resident enquired if the off the whole of the Play Area could be fenced off    – No calls for concern. Play area to remain unfenced.

Playing Fields Gate –  Thank you to the Volunteers who open and close the Playing Field Gate.


21/04090/PLF– Erection of part two storey and part first floor extension to side at 2 Potterdale Drive, Little Weighton.HU20 3UX – RESOLVED – The Parish Council recommend that this application is Approved.

Planning Inspectorate: Application by RWE Renewables UK Swindon Limited (the Applicant) for an Order granting Development Consent for the Dogger Bank South Offshore Wind Farms (the Proposed Development). (Consultee comments by 8 December 2021)  – NOTED

38                                            _______ (Chair)

Notice of Acceptance of an application for a development consent order by the Panning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy) Hornsea Project Four Offshore Wind Farm Development Consent Order. (Consultee comments by 16 December 2021)  – NOTED

Planning Enforcement –

21/01503/UNUSE3 – Use of former Garage as Hairdressers, The Barn, 47 White Gap Road, Little Weighton –  Noted

21/01504/UNUSE3 Agricultural Buildings being used as residential – Smallholding, White Gap Road, Little Weighton– Noted.

Monitoring Items:

Stoneledge – No Issues

LW Cutting  – No Issues



Discussion took place regarding advert omitted from last edition, and error on previous print. RESOLVED – To offer 1-year free advertising. Business to confirm advert correct prior to next edition.

Christmas Festivities –  The Christmas Lights will be Switched on Friday 3rd December 2021. It was agreed due to the current Covid rates and new Variants, that food and drink would not be served this year, or the marquee erected.

Website – Cllr Smith met with Clerk(s) to look at a new website including accessibility issues. New Website hopefully will go live Spring 2022.

Drainage Easement – Referred to ERNLLCA/Nalc – Waiting Update.

160/21  ERNLLCA

Grievance Training/New Councillor Training – Feedback to be provided at next meeting.

Nalc Bulletin – Noted

Civility & Respect Newsletter – Noted


ERYCCode of Conduct – To review and consider adopting the revised Code of Conduct from ERYC – Deferred to Jan 22
ERYCRequest for suggested topics for the ERYC Overview & Scrutiny Committee – Topics must be of a strategic nature and benefit the East Riding as a whole. – The Chairman asked Councillors for consideration of Topics – Deferred to Jan 22
East Riding of Yorkshire CCGTo receive Newsletter – NOTED
ERYCTo note:  November Bulletin – Anti Social Behaviour Six Months statistics for Dale Ward. – No Anti-Social Behaviour noted for Little Weighton.

39                                            _______ (Chair)

162/21 FINANCE 

  1. Receipts & Payments presented –

Income received: 

IncomeNewbald FootballPitch Hire£30.0.0  Added to  Petty Cash
Cheque NoPayable ToDescriptionNettVATTotal 
101715EONElectricity  £                 –   £          57.80
101716MR NequestPond Pump £       620.00 £       124.00 £       744.00
101717ER Pension FundPension Contributions £       205.21 £                 –   £       205.21
101718ClerkPost, Travel & Reimbursements £       327.59 £          33.47 £       361.06
101719HMRCPAYE & Tax £       187.92 £                 –   £       187.92
101720R.BensonHandyman & Materials £       204.50 £                 –   £       204.50
S/O   28.11.2021Clerks Salary  £       670.41 £                 –  670.41

RESOLVED – That the payments presented are approved

b)Internet Banking – Finalisation of Online Banking to take place, policy to be agreed.

c)Precept 2022/23  – The precept for 2022/23 was agreed at £25,500.

163/21  WARD COUNCILLORS REPORT – Councillor Meredith reported on Funding Opportunities; Platinum Jubilee Fund (Closing Date 15 December 2021), a fund for projects that create a greater legacy for places and spaces, support activities and build better relationships with one another across generations and with the natural world.

Discussion took place in respect of the Chalk Path, Funding opportunity that may be able to link with the Heritage Fund – Rowley Church is four hundred years old.

Areas of High Landscape Value along with Planning & Conservatives Pre-Planning Meetings which is governed by the Conservative Groups Constitution were also discussed.

164/21  HIGHWAYS

  1. Pot Hote (Walkington Road) – Reported, marked up ready for repair.
  2. Directional Sign –(Walkington Road)  Work tickets for replacements arms have been raised, the finger posts are supplied by an approved contractor and therefore the completion of the works could take 4-6 weeks.
  3. Chalk Path – Approved Contractors list now received along with Technical Specification. Discussion took place however due to the significant cost involved, it was agreed to pursue ERYC for a standard path.


Updates on the following:

Bench (Rowley Road) –RESOLVED – Handyman has repaired.

Bin (White Gap Road – Dog Bin near School) – Waste Officer (ERYC) is conducting a site visit and will check for a more suitable location.                                                                    

Hunsley Beacon – Councillor Richardson reported, structurally fine, Shaft ok, Brackets and Basket in good Order. – No Action required.

  1.  Northern Powergrid – Will be working in the area to removed trees that are touching the overhead lines on Skidby Road. Electricity will be switched off for a while however, anyone affected will be given 14 days advance notice. NOTED

40                                            _______ (Chair)

  • Free Trees for Planting Project – E.Forests.co.uk emailed received offering free trees, all native species, grown from UK seed and can be supplied with free shelters, stakes, weed mats. – Discussion took place in respect of creating a ‘Shelter Belt’ for the Playing Fields. The Clerk will make enquiries for 150. If successful it was suggested that the school may like to be involved.

The Chair & Councillors expressed thanks to Mr Robson for all his hard work with the Christmas Lights.


Enforcement Issues

Speed watch

There being no further business the Chairman Closed the Meeting at 8.40 pm.

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