A presentation from Tim French (Albanwise Synergy) took place prior to the Parish Council Meeting, relating to Agenda Item 7.1 Solar Farm at Land South of Creyke Beck Substation.

104/21 PRESENT:  A.Woodall (Chair), K.Brown, S.Turner, R.Elvidge, J.Richardson, Mrs E.Hunter, Ms L.Fawcett.  Ward Councillors; Cllr Mrs Smith, Cllr R.Meredith.

105/21  APOLOGIES:   Cllr K.Brown, Cllr T.Gill

106/21  OPEN FORUM  –  Residents of The Forge enquired if they could create a ‘Walled Poppy Display’ on The Green (Northview).  

107/21  DECLARATION OF INTEREST   –  Cllr R.Elvidge (Planning – Albanwise Creyke Beck).

108/21  MINUTES

RESOLVED:   Minutes of the meeting held 26th July 2021, were then approved as a true & correct record.  


August Parish News Release Monthly Update had been circulated to all Councillors. NOTED.


Playing Fields Gate – Agreed Council Rota for locking of Playing Field Gate(Evenings). Discussions around volunteers who may lock the gates daily.

Public Right of Way (Fencing) – Supply of the wire required has been delayed.  No Materials Update.

Maintenance – Play Bark to be purchased, all play equipment bases to be topped up.


1.   21/02335/STPLF – Construction of a 49.9mw Solar Farm, underground cabling, 18 inverter substations, installation of perimeter fencing (upt0 2.5m High) with access gates and 176 CCTV cameras/infra-red lighting on steel poles (up to 3.5m high steel poles) and 2 temporary construction compound consisting of substations, control rooms, transformers, cabling and fencing, construction of a storage compound consisting of 24 battery storage containers. 24 PCS units and 2.5 m high perimeter fencing and association grid infrastructure and associated works at Land South of Creyke Beck Substation, 4875 Park Lane, Cottingham.

RESOLVED – The Parish Council supports the Solar Farm application, and recommends that this application is approved with the following conditions:

  • That the public footpaths remain open during construction, redirecting if necessary, and stay open once construction has been completed.

  • The CCTV is to be inward facing on access points and should be proportionate and non-intrusive.

  • Albanwise Synergy should evidence the Solar Panels used have been ethically sourced and should not be manufactured by countries/companies using forced labour.

  • Trees along the A164 to the west of the road should be planted for screening and to preserve the landscape.    

Councillor R. Elvidge – Abstained.

2.  21/01909/PLF – External and Internal alterations to allow change of use from industrial (E/B2) to storage and distribution (B8) and Brethren members only retail club (Sui Generis) at Adfix Ironmongery Limited, Westoby Lane, Riplingham HU15 1ZL. 

RESOLVED – The Parish Council Support Application Ref 21/01909/PLF . We request that the Lighting needs to be altered as an increase in vehicle movements will result in an unacceptable level of impact on the residential amenity due to the 13-hour period deliveries can take place.

Permitted development rights and the ability for Condet decisions should be removed so any proposed changes require full planning application and the consultation this allows for.

We would respectively ask that Deliveries are no later than 5pm daily.

We also support the Public Protection Officers Conditions in his comments.

Councillors Voting:  4 (for) 2 (Against) 1 (Abstained)

3. 21/02823/PLF Erection of a detached building for use as private garage and as a showroom for Sasso Automotive (Retrospective Planning at Bentley Hall, Bentley Lane, Walkington HU17 8PP

RESOLVED – The Parish Council object to the Retrospective Planning Application & recommend that the Retrospective Planning application is refused.

The building as proposed/built constitutes an unacceptable impact on visual amenity in open countryside and an area of high landscape value.

The Proposed business use in a rural and unsustainable location is in breach of planning policy.

The type of commercial activity from a residential property in line with the above comment is unacceptable in the proposed location.

If officers are mindful to recommend that this application is approved, the Parish Council ask that it is referred to a Full Planning Committee Meeting

27                                                     ___(chair)


  1. 21/01921/PLF – Erection of single storey extension and alterations to first floor window to rear at 62 Potterdale Drive, Little Weighton.  – GRANTED

At this point the Chairman asked Council to bring Agenda item 14b – Soldier Silhouettes forward.  –  Agreed.

2 Residents of the Village asked if an area of The Green (North View) could be used as a Wall of Poppies for the period of Remembrance.    This would also be in addition to the Residents who have requested an area at the top of The Butts.    Councillors gave their consent, however asked that each display is removable and only for the period of Remembrance.

Monitoring Items:

Stoneledge –  No issue during the past month.

LW Cutting  – No report from Residents of any Issues in the past month.


  1. Newsletter – Autumn next Edition.    
  2. Website – Cllr P.Smith will be reviewing the Website and ensuring accessibility of site is up to date.
  3. Christmas Festivities 2021 – It is proposed that Friday 3rd December 2021 the Parish Council will hold their Christmas Light Switch on.

113/21  ERNLLCA

ERNLLCA’s AGM will be held on Thursday 26th September 2021, 7.00pm Via Zoom. Cllr Fawcett will attend.

Croft ParkJubilee Celebrations 2022 – The Parish Council welcomed joining Croft Park over the 4-day weekend to celebrate the Queens Jubilee.  2 Parish Councillors to represent Council on future meetings to discuss ideas.

114/21 FINANCE 

  1. The following payments were presented to the Council
101686ClerkDefibrillator Battery Purchased £        230.00 £   46.00 £      276.00
101687LW Village HallParish Council Meeting  26.7.21 £           30.00 £         –   £        30.00
101688East Yorkshire Signs &GraphicsTommy Silhouettes £        510.00 £         –   £      510.00
101689HMRCPaye/NI £        188.01 £         –   £      188.01
101690PKF LittlejohnAudit 2020/21 £        200.00 £   40.00 £      240.00
101691Get Extra LtdDesign & Print of Newsletter £        149.80 £   29.96 £      179.76
101692SLCCMembership Renewal £        144.00 £         –   £      144.00
101693EONElectricity Charges Playing Fields   
101694R J BensonGrounds Maintenance £        252.50 £         –  252.50
101695East Riding Pension FundPension Contributions £        205.21 £         –  205.21
101696ClerkTravel, Post & Reimbursement £           68.41 £     3.98 £        72.39

RESOLVED – That the payments presented are approved

                                                                        28                                          _______ (Chair)

  •  Income Received
AdvertsAdvertising £     250.00
  • Conclusion of 2020/21 Audit

PKF Littlejohn External Audit  –  The Audit for 2020/21 has now been completed, there were

No matters arising. 

Notice of Conclusion of Audit dated:  1st September 2021 and to be Displayed for 30 days.


Councillor Meredith advised No housing identified on the New Local Plan for Little Weighton  The next review/consultation will be held in 2026. 

A change of Bus Operator for the Village – Acklams will now take over from EYMS, no change to routes.

The Tour De Yorkshire has been cancelled.

Councillor Meredith confirmed that a meeting with Steven Murray to be held on site on Rowley Road, Tuesday 7th September, 10.30 am to discuss the surface & speed issues.  Cllr Woodall & Cllr Richardson will attend.  Mr Mason will be also informed (Resident).

116/21  HIGHWAYS – No other issues raised.


a)Village Planters/Entry Signs  – Specification to be sent to Builders for quotations.

It was also agreed that Bishop Burton/East Riding College be approached to see if their bricklaying courses may be interested in the project.

b) Grounds Maintenance –  Works completed, Playing Fields, Pond & The Butts.

Flytipping – Reported (Gas Cylinders).


No additional matters at this time.

There being no further business the Chairman Closed the Meeting at 9.05 pm.

    Signature:      Dated: