27th January 2022

The Next Ordinary Meeting of the Council will be held

in The Village Hall, Old Village Road, Little Weighton

WEDNESDAY 2ND FEBRUARY 2022, at 7.00 pm


1.         Open Forum

            Members of the public may make recommendations about matters to be discussed at this meeting or other items of public interest.

2.         Apologies for absence

            To receive and accept apologies for absence.

3.         Declaration of Interest – The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items for discussion on this agenda. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared.

4.         Minutes         

To approve the minutes of the meeting held Wednesday 12th January 2022 (*)  as previously circulated

5.         Local Policing Team   

            To note any Incidents/Crimes Reported

6.         Little Weighton Playing Fields

            (a) Any issues to be raised regarding the Playing Fields & agree actions

            (b) Portacabin Storage Cupboards Doors – work has commenced.

7.         Planning

To consider Planning Applications and any other applications received from East Riding Council for Consideration by the Council.

7.1 Applications:   21/04013/PLF – Change of use of agricultural land to additional domestic garden and erection of boundary fence (retrospective) at Little Hunsley Cottage, The Avenue, High Hunsley, HU20 3UR.

7.2 Decision:    None received at time of agenda going to print.

7.3 Planning Enforcement Matters

7.4  Monitoring Item:

  • Stoneledge Plant & Transport Ltd
  • Ashcourt Group Ltd –   LW Cutting

8.   Communications

  • Newsletter /Website
  • Drainage Easement  – further guidance
  • Queens Jubilee


        To consider & approve any actions relating to:

  • To Note NALC Bulletins

10.      All Correspondence received

C-Force United AFCRequest to use LW Facilities next Season 22/34
Village Hall CommitteeTo receive Interest in Queens Jubilee Events.
Neighbourhood WatchTo note – Neighbourhood Watch events for 2022
ERYCTo consider – adoption of the ERYC Town & Parish Council Charter

11.   Finance 

  1. To note Income received & approve Payments presented
  2. To approve Budget Monitoring Report to 5th January 2022.

12.    Ward Councillors Report

         a) To receive report from Ward Councillor(s) present

13.    Highways

         To receive and approve any actions relating to Highways issues

  • Chalk Path (Rowley Road) – Clerks Update
  • Broken Safety Bollards – Clerks update

14.    Grounds Maintenance

         To receive and approve any actions relating to:

         Trees for Planting Projects update

15.     Matters for inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting

16.     Date of Next Meeting

          Meeting scheduled for 2nd March 2022, 7pm


Clerk to the Council                                                                                 (*)  Emailed