33/22 PRESENT: Councillors; A.Woodall (Chair), P.Smith (Vice) K.Brown, J.Richardson, R.Elvidge, Cllr Mrs E.Hunter, Cllr N.Armstrong. Cllr S.Turner, Cllr A.Raymond, Cllr Ms L.Fawcett. Ward Councillor Mrs P Smith & Cllr T Gill.

34/22  APOLOGIES: Ward Councillor R.Meredith.

35/22  OPEN FORUM  –  6 residents present.

Residents present raised their objections to the ‘Change of Use’  Planning application received for Croft Park Holiday Lodges. Concerns expressed on Park History, drainage, privacy, trees, and landscaping as well as additional eleven units to be placed on site.


Councillor S.Turner – Agenda Item 8 – Drainage Easement (Personal)

Councillor A.Woodall- Agenda Item 7.1(a) – (Personal)

37/22  MINUTES

RESOLVED:   The minutes of the meeting held 2nd February 2022, were then approved as a true & correct record.

It was agreed to bring Croft Park Planning Item forward.

Councillor P.Smith then chaired the Meeting.

  1. 22/00243/PLF  –  Change of use of land to allow an extension to the approved caravan park for the siting of lodge style units at Land Southeast of Croft Park Holiday Lodges 55 Rowley Road Little Weighton East Riding of Yorkshire HU20 3XJ  (Croft Park Holiday Lodges)

RESOLVED – Recommend that this application is refused for the following reasons:

  • As a non-selected settlement for growth, the impact of a further eleven lodge style units is equivalent to eleven new dwellings!
  • An increased number of lodges will have a major impact on the village drainage system which is already over capacity.
  • Raw Sewerage  – reported on New Village Road, as well as overflowing in the Field on Rowley Road.
  • The supporting document dated 21.Jan.2020 states that the site of the extension benefits from significant screen hedging/trees  however this is not the case, many of the trees have been removed which openly exposes properties to the boundary, bracken woods and New Village Road Residents. Open areas provide no security and lack of privacy to the properties.
  • Detrimental impact to the surrounding area.
  • Over expansion of the Site in its current location

                                                 08                                         _______ (Chair)

If Officers are mindful to recommend that this application is approved, we would respectfully ask that the application is referred to the appropriate Planning Committee and ask that the following conditions are applied

  • 10m screening, 10m depth – The Lodge Park should not be seen from New Village Road
  •  Long term Tree protection order.
  • Landscape plan to be approved with Parish Council/Neighbouring properties
  • Non-intrusive Lighting to nearby residential properties

Assessment of Wildlife to be conducted, due to disturbance to Bats/Barn Owls at Neighbouring areas/sheds

    Motion Carried – 9 Councillors in Favour, 1 Abstention

The Chair thanked Councillor Smith for taking the agenda item.

Councillor Woodall then chaired the remainder of the meeting.

38/22 LOCAL POLICING TEAM   –  police.co.uk – No updates, still showing (December 2021).


The Pavilion Doors have been repaired following reports that the doors were open and could not be locked.


  • 22/00498/PLF – Erection of single storey porch extension to front at 9 White Gap Road Little Weighton East Riding of Yorkshire HU20 3XB

RESOLVED – That this application is approved. Material Consideration:  To match existing brickwork.


The Following decisions have now been received from East Riding Council

  • 21/04656/CLP – Certificate of Lawfulness for the erection of a single storey extension to rear at 4 Potterdale Drive, Little Weighton –REFUSE
  • 21/04601/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to rear and alterations/extension to existing rear dormer at Combe Cottage, 15 Rowley Road, Little Weighton. GRANTED
  • 21/03969/PLF – Remodelling and upgrading of existing dwelling including alterations to shape and height or roof, erection of two storey extension to rear, application of external insulation and render, installation of roof lights and solar panels and replacement of all windows at Mouse Hill, Beverley Road, Bentley, Beverley – GRANTED

Planning Enforcement

No further Matters.


Stoneledge – No Issues

LW Cutting  – No Issues


NewsletterNext Edition will be produced for Easter 2022.

Website – New Website progressing.

Newbald Parish Council – Draft letter received from Newbald Parish Council asking for comments prior to being sent to ERYC. RESOLVED – The Parish Council support the letter and agree to have Rowley Parish Council’s name added.

09                                             _______ (Chair)

Drainage Easement –  Councillors discussed the legal costs obtained. The Drainage Easement Rent was last paid June 2013. This was then relinquished as a result of Mrs Winter agreeing to maintain the boundary at her request. The land has not been given or gifted. Letter to this effect will be sent.

Queens Jubilee – Public meeting held 9th February 2022. Representatives of Village groups attended along with  residents interested in holding/supporting events over the Bank Holiday weekend. The Clerk reported that the Jubilee Grant Fund application had been successful to the value of £500 from East Riding Council.

Queens Platinum Jubilee Coins to be purchased for the Children at Little Weighton Primary School and bunting/materials to be progressed for the event.

A programme of events has been drawn up and awaiting confirmation from each group.

The programme will be printed in the next edition of the newsletter and a further leaflet drop prior to the event.

42/22  ERNLLCA

NALCS Bulletins – NOTED

February Newsletter – NOTED

Nalc Online Event – Making Communications Safer  (30th March 2022) – NOTED.


Residents RequestResidents request to ask if a footpath could be created on Skidby Road to Dunflat Lane. Councillors discussed the proposal, which is difficult with the land gradient, and has been proposed to ERYC in past years. It was agreed for the Clerk to make further enquiries with ERYC to see if a footway could be progressed.
Bowls ClubGate access required for evening matches (in season). – Agreed for Representative of the Bowls Club to be a key holder.
ERYCTown & Parish Council Liaison Network Meetings to be held 16th/17th March 2022. – Clerk will attend.

44/22 FINANCE 

  1. Receipts & Payments presented    Income received:  None.
Cheque NoPayable ToDescriptionNettVATTotal 
101738R J BensonPlaying Field Door Repairs £   74.50 £          –   £   74.50
101739ClerkPost, Travel, Microsoft (Annual), Zoom £ 120.41 £      3.72 £ 124.13
101740C.Wilson & SonsFlail – Playing Field Hedges £   90.00 £   18.00 £ 108.00
101741East Riding Pension FundPension Contributions £ 205.21 £          –   £ 205.21
101742HMRCPAYE/NI Contributions £ 188.10 £          –   £ 188.10
S/O 28.02.22Clerks SalaryStanding Order £ 670.41 £          –  670.41

RESOLVED – That the payments presented are approved

45/22  WARD COUNCILLORS REPORT –  Cllr Gill reporting on the East Riding Design Guide consultation which will run from 7th March until 18th April 2022. This is a consultation which will go towards creating ‘new design’ guidance for future planning developments.

Councillor Mrs Smith gave further information on the ‘You Switch’ – Gas/Electricity programme.

                                                              10                                         _______ (Chair)


  1. Chalk Path – Quotations received from 3 Businesses ranging between £25,154 – £36,900. East Riding Council had quoted £15,000.

The clerk reported ERYC may allow payment by instalments should the Council wish to proceed. Councillors discussed the costs and agreed in the interim to wait for Grant Fund information following the now approved Solar Farm Planning Application. (Albanwise Synergy)


Updates on the following:

  1. Trees for Planting – Parish Council request forwarded by the Estates & Valuation Team – Asset Strategy are putting forward Councils interested in tree planting schemes with Heywood’s.


There being no further business the Chairman Closed the Meeting at 9.03 pm.

    Signature:      Dated: