136/21 PRESENT:  A.Woodall (Chair), P.Smith (Vice) K.Brown, S.Turner, J.Richardson, A.Raymond,  Ms L.Fawcett.

137/21  APOLOGIES:   Cllr R.Elvidge, Cllr Hunter, Ward Councillors R.Meredith, T.Gill

138/21  OPEN FORUM  –  No residents present.

139/21  DECLARATION OF INTEREST   –  Cllr S.Turner, (Agenda Item 9 Drainage Easement– Neighbour), 10. Village Hall – (Employed).

140/21  MINUTES

RESOLVED:   The minutes of the meeting held 6th October 2021, were then approved as a true & correct record.

141/21 LOCAL POLICING TEAM   –  Parish Town News Release (October 21) – Councillors expressed thanks to the Policing Team for a Detailed Report. – NOTED.


Public Right of Way (Fencing) The Fencing has now been completed. Excellent Feedback received from Residents.

Play Park Inspection Report  – The Agility Balance Trail had not been removed, however scheduled for Saturday 6th November 2021.

Playing Fields Gate – Councillor Richardson reported to Council that he had looked into the possibility of Electric gates with automatic locking, but it is not possible for the Playing Fields, due to the Electrical Installation and timer issues, let alone the costs that the works would entail. NOTED – Advert to be placed in the Beacon again seeking Gatekeeper for evenings.


21/03969/PLF – Remodelling and upgrading of existing dwelling including alterations to shape and height of roof, erection of two storey extension to rear, application of external insulation and render, installation of roof lights and solar panels, and replacement of all windows at Mouse Hill, Beverley Road, Bentley, Beverley East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 8PP – RESOLVED – That this application is recommended for Approval.

34                                            _______ (Chair)


7.2  PP-10067116 – Erection of a detached building for use as private garage and as a showroom for Sasso Automotive (Retrospective Application) – Is to be considered by the Western Area Planning Sub Committee on 2nd November 2021.

Following the Planning Committee Meeting held 2nd November 2021, ERYC Approved the Application.

Councillors were extremely disappointed with the outcome of this retrospective application. Councillors asked if the Planning Officer could attend a Parish Council meeting to discuss the recommendations took to the Committee which resulted in the Approval.     Action:  Clerk

Monitoring Items:

Stoneledge – No Issues

LW Cutting  – No Issues


NewsletterThe next newsletter to be finalised by Mid November 2021 and distributed prior to Christmas Light Switch on. (On Target).

Christmas Festivities –  The Christmas Light Switch On event will be discussed one week prior to the event and may be subject to covid restrictions at the time.

Website – Cllr Smith will meet with Clerk(s) to address the needs of a new website along with ensuring it is accessibility compliant.

Drainage Easement – Councillors visited the site and discussed with Council. It was agreed that Legal Advice should be sought. Referred to ERNLLCA/Nalc.

145/21  ERNLLCA

Grievance Training – Councillor Turner booked on 18th November 2021 Course


Mr & Mrs Cross  Donation received for the Silhouettes at the Pond. Letter of thanks sent.
  Little Weighton Bowls ClubGrant Application received for maintenance of Bowling Green. RESOLVED – Grant Award of £180.00  
CPREAGM to be held 6th November 2021 – NOTED
ERYCOrder received & confirmed by The Secretary of State for Transport. A164 Castle Hill Roundabout to A164 Regiment Roundabout – Compulsory Purchase Order 21. –NOTED
ERYCSouth Cave Footpath Nos 20,22 and Rowley Footpath No 16 public path diversion and definitive Map and Statement Modification Order 2021.-NOTED
North Newbald Parish CouncilDiscussion took place regarding supporting Newbald Parish Council with a letter of Complaint to ERYC specifically in relation to Planning Matters. RESOLVED – Parish Council will support Newbald PC.

35                                            _______ (Chair)

Village HallVillage Hall Minutes of Meeting held 6.10.2021.- NOTED
ERYCEstimate of Rough Sleepers – Night of Wednesday 17th November 2021. – Councillors to feedback to the Clerk any sightings.

147/21 FINANCE 

  1. Receipts & Payments presented –

Income received: 

IncomeBarclaysBank Interest £        0.14
Cheque NoPayable ToDescriptionNettVATTotal 
101705Business StreamWater £           129.85 £                 –   £           129.85
101706R.BensonGrounds Maintenance £           165.00 £                 –   £           165.00
101707Get ExtraSignage £             64.00 £          12.80 £             76.80
101708LW Village HallSept & Oct Hall Hire £             60.00 £                 –   £             60.00
101709L & K Warcup Construction LtdSockets £           393.00 £          78.60 £           471.60
101710ClerkPost, Travel, Zoom & Reimbursement £           193.28 £            1.05 £           194.33
101711Gary Atkinson & SonsFencing – Playing Fields £       1,900.00 £       380.00 £       2,280.00
101712ER Pension FundPension Contributions £           205.21 £                 –   £           205.21
101713HMRCPAYE/NI £           188.10 £                 –   £           188.10
101714LW Bowls ClubGrant Award £           180.00 £                 –   180.00
S/O   28.10.2021Clerks Salary  £           670.41 £                 –  670.41

RESOLVED – That the payments presented are approved

b)Budget Monitoring – Report to the 5th of October 2021 presented – RESOLVED – APPROVED

c)Internet Banking – First stage of setting up is now complete. – Ongoing.

148/21  WARD COUNCILLORS REPORT – Councillor Mrs Pat Smith gave her report in respect of Children & Young People Panel. ERYC received a positive report after 2 years of improving access to Children’s services. The initial Ofsted report stated ‘ Needed to improve’

The Clerk reported in Councillor Gills absence.

Chalk Path (Rowley Road)  – Awaiting approved contractors list.

Croft Park  (Rowley Road) – To Advise that the site is being monitored

149/21  HIGHWAYS

Directional Sign –(Walkington Road)  Clerk will chase.

                                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk


a)Bench (Rowley Road) – Resident reported Metal Framed Bench on Rowley Road needs repair, rotten timber seating. Nettles and Brambles to be cut back to allow the bench to be seen. RESOLVED – Handyman to be asked to carry out necessary works.

Bin (White Gap Road) – Resident’s concern with the bin on the boundary of the school which isn’t fit for purpose and loosely tied to the post. The Clerk will contact ERYC.           Action:  Clerk

Hunsley Beacon – Resident asked if funds could be considered for maintenance of the Beacon.

This will be discussed at the Finance Meeting. In the meantime, Councillor Richardson will view and identify any works.                                                                                   Action:  Cllr Richardson

b) Soldier Silhouettes  – Collected and Installed on the Green/Pond area. The Silhouettes will be display from 2nd November to 30th November 2021 only.

36                                            _______ (Chair)

c) Flytipping –  It was reported that between Little Weighton and Skidby a pile of wood has been tipped.


Enforcement Issues

Speed watch

There being no further business the Chairman Closed the Meeting at 8.57 pm.

    Signature:      Dated: