153/22  PRESENT:  A.Woodall (Chair), P.Smith (Vice Chair),  S.Turner, R.Elvidge, J.Richardson, K.Brown, Ms L.Fawcett,  D, Webster, N.Armstrong  &  Ward Councillor; Mrs P.Smith & Terry Gill.


An award in recognition of work in the community and their contribution to the Parish was presented to Ivan & Andy Parker Brown. A photo was taken and will be printed in the Spring Edition of the Newsletter. The Community Award Shield will be kept by the recipient until October 2023.

154/22  APOLOGIES:   Councillors; A.Raymond, Ward Councillor R.Meredith.

155/22  OPEN FORUM  –  2 members of the Parish present.

156/22  DECLARATION OF INTEREST   –  Councillor R.Elvidge (10) RWE Dogger Bank South Offshore Wind Farm – Electrical Infrastructure – Prejudicial,  (11D) Finance – Neighbour & Friend -Personal.

157//22  MINUTES

RESOLVED:   Minutes of the meeting held 5th October 2022, were then approved as a true & correct record.


Report of Burglary – Potterdale Drive – (Theft of Equipment)

Hessle, South Hunsley & Dale Newsletter   – NOTED


Playing Fields. – Play Bark (Ordered September) awaiting delivery.

Play Equipment –   Remedial works to the grounds required by the Council prior to installation. Planned for W/c 14.11.22. Installation date is 7th December 2022.

160/22 PLANNING  

Applications:   22/01546/STPLF(Neighbouring Parish Council Consultation – Woodmansey PC) Erection of a building for vertical farming, two associated 2-storey office buildings and an energy network building; Creation of attenuation pond incorporating wildlife/nature park with associated access, internal road, parking areas and infrastructure (AMENDED DESCRIPTION AND PLANS)  – No comments to made.

  • Decisions:

a)22/00243/PLF – Change of use of land to allow an extension to the approved caravan park for the siting of lodge style units for holiday accommodation at Land Southeast of Croft Park Holiday Lodges, 55 Rowley Road, Little Weighton –  Application received on the 25th of January 2022 has been withdrawn

32                                                            Chair _____

b)22/02740/PLF – Construction of gable end roof and Juliet balcony with laminated glass balustrade and installation of double doors to front over existing garage to front, installation of sliding doors to front and blocking up of original entrance to side, construction of 3 stepped levels for parking, lawn and patio area with retaining wall, laminated glass balustrades and associated planting, installation of a below ground 3000 litre water harvesting tank and bunded gas storage tank – 25 Southwold, Little Weighton – APPROVED

c)22/02547/PLF – Erection of feed shed following demolition of modular building, and erection of animal shelter at Smallholding White Gap Road Little Weighton East Riding of Yorkshire – APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS           

Planning Enforcement  – No update from Planning Inspectorate re Smallholding.

Monitoring Items

Stoneledge –  Dirt on roads when turning left out of Quarry to High Hunsley (Monitor)

Ashcourt – Little Weighton Cutting – No issue


Newsletter –  received and ready for distribution.

Website Update –  few updates to be provided by the Clerk and then site can go live’.

Christmas Festivities –  Clerk to purchase items for event – Cheque signed.

162/22  ERNLLCA

  • Nalc Bulletins – Noted


Burstalls SolicitorsTo receive Legacy from the Late Beryl Catterall – NOTED, the clerk asked the Solicitor to express sincere thanks to the Family. Discussion took place – RESOLVED – Bench to be purchased with plaque in Memory of Beryl Catterall.
ERYCRough Sleeper Snapshot 2022 – (Monitor 14th to 15th November 2022) – NOTED – To Contact the Clerk should anyone see anyone rough sleeping
LW Football TeamRequest for Grant funding for goal nets – Grant Form Issued  – NOTED Form not returned
ETHOS HERITAGERequest for Grant Funding –  Re archaeological excavation on the deserted medieval village at High Hunsley (Took place Summer 2022)  –NOTED   Grant form Issued (not returned).  
ERYCTo be advised of CCTV Funding Available for Town & Parish Councils – Councillor Meredith had requested CCTV Funding for Flytipping areas of the Parish.
RWERWE Acknowledged Parish Councils feedback and welcome the opportunity to organise and attend a Parish Public Meeting in the future. RESOLVED – To invite RWE to two sessions, one with Parish Council Members  and then a further visit with the Parish.
RWETo receive  Dogger Bank Wind Farm community investment update – NOTED
ERYCLocal Plan Update – Consultation (24th October – 5th December 2022) review vision & planning policies for the next 15 years. To view online or at public drop in events. NOTED – Councillor J Richardson & Councillor D.Webster requested links for the Consultation event.


  1. To Note Income received & approve Payments presented – The Following payments were presented.

                                                                      33                                                         Chair____

Cheque NoPayable ToDescriptionNettVATTotal 
101797M J ArnoldNorthfield Wildlife Services£    136.95£  19.39 £       156.34
101798LW Village HallHall Hire£      30.00£          – £         30.00
101799ERYCPension Contributions£    208.76£          – £       208.76
101800HMRCPAYE/NI Contributions£    183.99 £       183.99
101801ClerkPost, travel, Zoom (Jul,Aug) , HP Ink, Event License£     63.73£    4.60 £         68.33
101802RJ BensonJuly & August Grounds Maintenance£      48.50£          – £         48.50
101803Playdale Playgrounds Ltd50% Deposit Invoice 3,476.75£695.35 £   4,172.10
101804John TunnicliffeCollect and Fix Bench at Pond£      72.00£          – £         72.00
101805Business StreamWater£    161.54£          – £       161.54
S/O 28.10.2022Clerks SalaryStanding Order£    682.66£          –£        682.66


Community Award (Petty Cash) Income0.73p
Petty Cash (Expenditure)  Engraving£7.00

RESOLVED – That the payments presented are approved.

  • Finance Committee (Precept) Meeting – 23 Nov 22, 7.00pm
  • SAAA 2022 Opt-out Communication – To consider; Clerk’s recommendation to not opt out. RESOLVED: Refused.
  • Quotations received for Playground Bench (£148) and Giant Disk (Estimate £400.£600)  RESOLVED – Approved
  • NALC 2022/23 National Salary Award – Approved. Backdate of salary award to be presented to Finance Committee 23.11.22 for payment.


Councillor Smith reported on behalf of Councillor Meredith;    RWE are bringing electric cables from Dogger Bank South to two substations which will be constructed. There are three sites where two substations could end up (the preferred sites are hoped to be selected within the next month). These are just east of Jock’s Lodge, just west of Jock’s Lodge, and halfway between Skidby and Jock’s Lodge on the west side of the A164. Each are between 30 and 70 acres and large enough to accommodate future needs without requiring expansion. The buildings on the site will be up to 24m tall. Compulsory purchase is a possibility however voluntary agreements are preferred. 

Of the three possible sites, the two nearest to Jock’s Lodge are the preferred areas. The one closest to Skidby is the only one that will require a bridleway to be rerouted. Planting on top of bunds will shield the area from public view as much as is possible. The forthcoming A164 improvement scheme has been factored into the designs and planning process. There will be a decommissioning plan conditioned as part of any approval and the site will be returned to a natural state when no longer in use (60 years’ time). The Council will not be deciding the application. Because it is considered nationally significant infrastructure it will be examined by the Planning Inspectorate and decided by the Secretary of State. Noise monitoring will occur before any construction takes place and acoustic fencing will be installed if necessary to ensure that there is no increase over current background levels. Community funds (like Albanwise) are something RWE have provided in other areas and are happy to discuss. However currently there are no plans for them to be provided. 

                                                                      34                                                         Chair____

Asked about Flytipping cameras and Dunflat Lane being made accessible for agricultural vehicle and residents use only. He has not received a response to either request yet however, will chase further with officers.    

Councillor T Gill advised that he is a member of the ERYC Children and Young People Committee. Shortfall of school funding is a major issue both locally and nationally. Approx £9m deficit.


Proposed 50mph Speed Limit – Rowley Road, Riplingham –  A revised drawing showing the proposed speed limit changes on Riplingham Road had been circulated. – Councillors asked when the new speed limit will be implemented?                                                 Action:  Clerk


  • New Bench installed at the Pond.
  • Pest Control – 2 x Crates purchased with Northfield Wildlife Services. Discussion took place regarding signate for the Pond area to make residents aware of feeding the ducks and the consequence of surplus foods now attracting rats. – RESOLVED – Signage to be purchased.
  • Remembrance Silhouettes – To be displayed until the 30th of November 2022.


There being no further business the Chairman Closed the Meeting at 8.40 pm.

  Signature:    Dated: