Farewell Message from Revd David H Messer

This Is Just to say thankyou for all the cards and the two books which I wanted.
The cheque was overwhelming and of course I shall spend wisely or should I say Beverley will.

The last Sunday in the Benefice was an amazing day. Staring with a baptism at Rowley, which ended, if you noticed with Lewis playing show me the way to go home. The choir were amazing. Then a lovely service at Bishop Burton, and Dave Benyon playing a wonderful piece to finish off that service. The ministry of music within the Benefice is an underplayed resource and thankyou.
Beverley and I truly have experienced so much love and generosity from so many people that it has been a great support to me and my family.

And now you begin a new phase initially into a vacancy. I would ask that you support all those working to maintain the Mission of our Church and pray for them as they do God’s work.

In due course a new Vicar will be appointed and I know that you will welcome them with the love and generosity you showed me.

I am going to add the prayer I used before; Step softly into your weeping world, incarnate God; embrace it in your love. Bring light into broken lives, warmth into frozen hearts, hope to those at war.

May your peace pervade every place. Help us to approach this year filled with the joy of our companionship, as we step out in faith with you, ready to face the future, whatever it may hold. Amen
You will remain in in my heart and prayers Godspeed and Many Blessings and Thankyou

Revd David H Messer