NALC – #Make A Change

New Make A Change video ft. Jackie Weaver

NALC has released a new video starring viral sensation, Jackie Weaver, to help get more people involved in local (parish and town) councils.

The video, shot in rural Yorkshire, raises the importance of everyone having a stake in their community and getting involved in their local council. Local councils exist and flourish thanks to the commitments of over 100,000 councillors, clerks, and council staff. You might call them the usual suspects. But there is a problem. There are too many vacant seats. We need to reach out to the unusual suspects.

NALC is urging county associations and local councils to use and share the video as widely as possible to engage with communities across the country and reach pockets that have previously been undiscovered.

NALC’s Make A Change campaign encourages people from all backgrounds and experiences to get involved with their local council and consider putting themselves forward for election to help make the council more representative of the community.

Find out more about Make A Change campaign here