Rowley Parish Council, Grant Guidelines

Guidelines for grant applications

  1. Groups within the parish can apply to the fund.
  2. Groups will apply to the fund using the agreed application form.
  3. Groups will be expected to supply accompanying documentation as detailed on the application form.
  4. Groups can apply once per year but may bid for a number of elements of a project in the application.
  5. All applications will be considered with regard to financial stability of the groups and judged on their own merits.
  6. Groups will be expected to contribute some of their own funds to the project although a set percentage has not been agreed. However, where possible a group will be expected to make some contribution from its own funds.
  7. Where partnership funding is being sourced outside the parish, the council would wish to see that such funding has been secured prior to awarding a grant.
  8. Retrospective applications (i.e. for projects already completed) will be allowed.

Council will adjudge at the time of application whether the project was urgent and also consider the financial situation of the group at the time.

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